Too much.

By Eva

This blog started (and got its name) from me feeling like I had “enough”.  Lately though, what I thought was just enough is feeling like too much.  Way too much.  We’ve been decluttering.  Decluttering is certainly not a photogenic process, and in this case it didn’t provide much in the way any dramatic before/ after photos, but it feels good.  Having less feels amazing.  I feel like it gives us so much more freedom in our home, and so much more freedom to be open to any opportunities that might result in us changing locations.


Those are some of the books, dvds, and trinkets that we brought to goodwill.  The boxes in the background are also filled with things that don’t live with us anymore.  We had two carfuls of things to donate by the time we finished going through the house, and I can honestly say that I have not missed one single thing.  I can hardly even remember what all we gave away.  And now I have extra mental space to keep track of the things I actually care about since I now no longer have to waste time, energy, or money thinking about or maintaining any of this extra junk.


One thing we did that was hard, was to throw away all our CD and DVD cases.  We’ve been hanging onto them for a very long time.  We both spent so much of our high school and college years amassing those collections.  I feel like music in particular can really sink into your soul at that age, and my taste in music has defined me a lot over the years.  So that collection is very, very sentimental to me.  But, getting rid of the cases doesn’t mean that I can’t still look back fondly on memories of laying in bed with my discman blasting while I read along to the lyrics in the little booklet.  I still remember, and I’m still that person somewhere inside even if I no longer have that physical reminder.  One day we may just go totally digital with those collections, but for now all the discs are tucked away tidy in disc cases under the TV.

I’m itching to get rid of even more, and I’ve got a bunch of things mentally earmarked until I get a chance to go around the house and collect all the junk that’s still cluttering up our lives.

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  1. Katie
    July 8, 2013 at 6:38 pm (632 days ago)

    You are one brave lady! Kudos!


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