By Eva


I love lists.  To do lists particularly get me motivated, and help me feel accomplished as I move through the day.  I don’t make them every day, but I make them often.

But before I’m able to get down to the actual business of making my lists, I usually waste a whole lot of time making little doodles all over them. Actually, I’m not even conviced that it’s necessarily a waste (sometimes it gets my mind going), but regardless, some days I really need to just get on top of things already.

To that end, I created some pre-doodled to do lists to save myself some time on those days.

And I’m offering them to you as a  free download to maybe save you some time too, and help you get right down to business on those days that you need to:

PreDoodledToDo <—- click to download

Plus, they are cute and they will make you look really cool and adorable. Keep them on a desk at home, or show off your adorable-ness by using them at work! A stack of them could even be a good list for a lazy co-worker who maybe could stand to be a little more productive. Just some ideas.

These days, my to-do list at home usually includes a lot of my favorite things. I especially love making lists when the lists are filled with activities I enjoy! Here’s an example of what my list of the day looks like when I’m at home:
- take Sparrow for a morning walk with Nathan
- play piano
- re-pot a plant
- make meal plan for the week
- make something
- go running
- text my Mama (Yes, I still call my mom Mama.)
- play with the cats
- write down some blog post ideas
- make dinner
- watch Jeopardy! with Nathan’s family


I wish all my days looked like that.  Well, maybe not.  The not as good days make those really good days so much sweeter.

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  1. Joelle
    June 21, 2013 at 7:18 pm (644 days ago)

    I’m big on to do lists too. I like your black cat per-doodled to do list the best since I have a black cat.


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