Happy Birthday (ish), Griffin.

By Eva

Griffin is the most recent addition to our little family.


When our sweet, sickly Marcel died last summer, he left a little Marcel-shaped hole in my heart. It was especially hard on Nathan, because I was travelling for work that week, and Nathan was on his own with Marcel, and he was the one who was there when we made the difficult decision to save Marcel from his pain and put him to sleep. Nathan was Marcel’s favorite (to Nathan’s dismay), and Nathan grew to really care about Marcel during the short time we had with him.

For months, Nathan was sad, and couldn’t bear the thought of another cat. But over time, borderline pet hoarder that I am, I felt more and more that our little family was not quite balanced. I had 2 cats in the house almost always growing up (small gaps here and there), and for me cats make a place feel like home. Nathan doesn’t feel the same way however, and in the sadness of Marcel’s death, Nathan really did not want another cat.

So imagine my (cautiously delighted) surprise when Nathan said he was ready to start looking for a new cat. And once he came around to the idea, he wanted to go looking right away. That very day. So we went to the shelter (closed), and then around to the big box pet stores that do adoptions from local shelters. But none really struck our fancy. At our last stop though, this little cat with his white chest and dainty little white gloves… he caught my eye. He was a little older than the other kittens (6 months), and a little bigger (the size of a full grown cat), but I turned to Nathan, “What about that one?” So the little adoption person came over, took him out, and tried to hold him. He was all claws and flailing limbs. “Well, he’s not as cuddly as I would like.” I said. “I like his spirit!” Nathan said.  This is what he looked like:


So we took him home. And he hasn’t stopped cuddling with us since.


He is an extreme CUDDLER.

I pretend that it’s annoying, but I love it.


Congrats Griffin. You have stayed alive for a whole year.

2 Comments on Happy Birthday (ish), Griffin.

  1. Kristin
    June 11, 2013 at 3:55 pm (655 days ago)

    Happy Birthday Griffy! Hopefully I will get to hang out with you again soon =)

  2. Anna
    June 11, 2013 at 10:43 pm (655 days ago)



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